Can You Fix The Problem?

Now you have finished putting into consideration the above factors, you should also lookout for ways to resolve the issue at hand that makes you want to quit your current job. Mostly employers and employees come to the conclusion that if they ignore a problem it will die a natural death soon. However, it is vital that you resolve a problem as soon as you are aware of it. The key here is keeping communication open. Once you take the problem personal it becomes something more difficult to resolve and it may require a third party to work things out. If it is above your power to resolve your differences then discuss the problem with someone you find responsible enough to handle the situation and solve it for the overall benefit of your organisation and not just your division. If the trouble is clearly an issue of personal conflict, then you might consider moving to a different part of the organisation.

Well, there are some issues that indicate clearly that it is time for you to leave. If this is the case, then it is advisable that you move on since you can’t find a solution by staying with the organisation. Nevertheless, you have to follow the proper protocol so as to peacefully quit your job. Here are things to do if you have finally decided to leave:

Give ample notice

Probably, you have spent many hours pondering on how to tell your boss that you want to leave the organisation. Within these hours of pondering, you must have come out with the perfect details to go about your resignation. You fantasize on leaving your boss high and dry.

Wait a second! Don’t leave your boss high and dry; you need to do it professionally. Leaving your boss high and dry isn’t something that is professional or proper. You don’t have to create enmity, don’t burn bridges as you might decide to change your mind and come back.

You know, if you leave so rudely without much notice all in a bid to hurt your employer, you might not get a loving reference and your attitude of leaving that organization might spread to other prospective employers faster than you imagined.

Put it in Writing

No matter your reason of resignation, don’t just stand up one day and leave the office. Ensure that you tender a formal resignation letter where you briefly explain your reason(s) of leaving and clearly state your last day of working. Make it friendly and not as a fight. Thank your boss for his support during your employment even if he was harsh or unfriendly towards you and wish the company well.

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