How to Write a Resignation Letter?

You might be on your way to claim a new better position or you are fed-up with your current job and just want to leave; no matter your reason for quitting, you ought to write a letter of resignation.

The main aim of your resignation letter is to let your employer know you are leaving and your reason of leaving. However, there are benefits attached and the underlying benefit is for you to strengthen your relationship with your colleagues/ supervisor and resign on a positive note. When writing a quitting letter, let it be as if you are writing a thank you note. Below are some tips that will help and give you an idea about what to write in the letter:

The introduction

The introduction of your letter should show that you are resigning and also include your last day of employment. An example is:
"Please accept this letter as notification of my resignation from my position as [job title]. My last day of employment will be [date]."

The body

This is where you should state and possible explain your reason for leaving. Here too, you should express your gratitude for the experience you have gained from the job. Based on your situation, below are some examples to state that you are leaving:
Found a New Job: "I have accepted a position as [job title] in [location], which will give me the supervisory responsibilities I have been eager to assume."
Partner Relocation: "My wife/husband has been offered an excellent job opportunity in [location], and we have decided to move there so that she/he can accept it."
Starting School: "I regret having to leave [employer name], but I am strongly committed to earning my [degree type] and have been accepted to [school name] for the fall term."

Whichever your situation you might also like to mention that you’ll love the opportunity to work with your supervisor and other team members. Be careful however not to omit any name if you are dropping names.

The closing

You have to end your letter expressing your interest in keeping in touch and also kind wishes.
For instance: “I hope that we can continue our professional relationship and that we meet again in the future. Best wishes to you and to the rest of the staff.”


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