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Resignation letter sample 1 month notice

Whether you are leaving on a high not or are having an emotional time saying farewell, a resignation is almost all the time awkward and an uncomfortable situation even in the best of cases. In any case for you to resign you need to have a talk with your boss and decide how long of a notice are you going to give your current buyer. In most cases it’s optimal to go with a 1 month notice to make sure there are no rough ends before you quit the job for good.

When writing a resignation letter you need to make sure that it conveys your parting words with the company. Things like the date, address and the body itself are of extreme importance. Though a resignation letter may seem unnecessary but it is a crucial part of leaving the company when you are leaving of your own free will. A resignation letter just doesn’t let you leave a company it lets you leave the company on good terms. But keep in mind, as long as you are meeting the requirements of your contract you have nothing to be worried about. Just keep in mind being considerate will never hurt you but not following the proper ethics might come back to haunt you.

To help you draft a resignation letter of 1 month notice we are providing you with a resignation letter sample 1 month notice to help you draft a resignation letter that is both polite and professional. This resignation letter sample 1 month notice will help you draft a similar letter, like the following:

(Your Name) Mr. Burns
55 Fifth Avene
Darwin NT 0820

[Add date]
Ms. John Johnson (Employer name)
Chief Executive Officer
Rising Multimedia
Darwin NT 0820

Dear Ms. John Johnson

I wish to formally notify you that I am resigning from my position as Senior Program Designer with Riding Multimedia. As required by my employment contract I am giving one months’ notice, starting today. My last day at work will be 18 November 2016.

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at Riding Multimedia and as I leave I would like to thank you for the opportunities given to buy you, Riding Multimedia and all my fellow employees. I wish you and the company success in the future.

Yours sincerely

[Sign here]

Mr. Burns

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