Plan to quit your job without notice

Don't plan quitting job without notice unless you've taken a few precautionary steps!

If you've ever planned to just quitting a job without notice, you might want to reconsider for two very selfish reasons.

The first one is that you will pick up at least one more paycheck. The second reason is that wherever you end up working next may want to check with your previous employer. If they feel slighted by your quick departure, they may be less than flattering when they talk about you.

New employers might see your hasty departure as a red flag and wonder if you will treat them the same way. It's always best to follow a bit of protocol and give your employer at least two weeks to find a replacement or at least a temporary substitute.

In addition to the courtesy you are giving your employer, you're also giving yourself a little bit of time to wrap up any loose ends. Confirm that any 401k money goes with you. Double check that you are current on all your bills and make sure have some money in the bank to cover your expenses and also a have a new job lined up.

If you don't have another job lined up, it is well worth your do so while you are still employed. It is actually easier to do while you are working than when you aren't. If too much time goes by without any offers, you will look less and less desirable in the eyes of an employer.


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