Reasons to follow the convention and give your employer two weeks' notice before you stop showing up to work

You may miss out financially if you don't hand in your notice

A lot of companies have a policy in their contract that leave holiday pay and your two weeks' notice intrinsically linked. If you don't want to miss out on accrued holiday pay, you should probably make sure your two-week notice is written up, signed and delivered to your boss.

You don't want to tarnish your reputation

No matter how bad your current situation, in a month, two months or even a year's time, any quarrels you have with your place of employment are going to be old news, but the way you acted because of them will always be relevant to a new employer. Don’t’ plan quitting a job without notice because you are frustrated, don't throw away a reference just because you're frustrated, and don't let something as negligible as two weeks harm your future either.

People will remember down the road

Even if your boss isn't the greatest person, your peers, coworkers and the other people in the company who rely on you are still going to remember you. If you leave without warning (without notice) and hang them out to dry, you might just find that they aren't so friendly when you run into them five years down the road. Burning bridges is never a good idea, especially with people who could end up hiring you in the future.

When is it okay to walk?

There are a couple of instances when quitting a job without notice is the right thing to do.

If, for instance, your current position is causing you physical or mental distress that you cannot handle for two weeks, you might have to take the hit and leave for your own peace of mind (quitting without notice).

Some bosses don't react very well to employees leaving; if yours does like that and you have found a new position once you have told him or her, it might be a good idea to call ahead and let your new place of employment know that your old boss didn't take it very well. Being open and communicating can help you avoid an unpleasant situation where you are badmouthed behind your back.


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