How to secure your personal data before you quit

First and foremost: you should not use corporate resources for personal purposes.

It happens that while browsing on your home network using your company notebook, IT suddenly checks your browsing history and cookies. You can use certain cleaning software to remove browsing history. The worst case scenario is when the company uses “background” software to monitor your activities. The best is to always keep personal data on your private hardware and keep company business on company hardware, though situations can occur when even this guide can’t solve your problem.

What to do if you used company notebook for private purposes?

If you have used your notebook to store your family pictures then backup them to a USB stick or to Google Drive. Delete all your personal files after the backup process and empty your Recycle Bin.

Open the Control Panel and click “Programs and Features”. Uninstall all the software you have installed previously.

Now open the “Internet Options” in the Control Panel. Click on “Delete…” on the General tab. Select everything except “Preserve Favorites website data” and press Delete.

Install Ccleaner and clean up the notebook. After the process is finished, you should remove Ccleaner in the Programs and Features.

You can delete all of your e-mails in Outlook, though probably your company has a backup for all company emails and accounts.

Restoring company mobile phone

If you have a company mobile then you must make a backup, then reset your mobile to factory defaults.

Security problem

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