What You Ought to Know Before You Quit Your Job

Sometimes you find yourself in a work environment that doesn’t favour you and you find yourself wanting to quit. Before you take that bold step to quit, you need to carefully settle down and ponder about your job situation. Don’t just make a hasty decision to quit. Consider these suggestions and factors:

Timing and financial risks

If you decide to quit at the wrong time, then it can affect your wallet directly. An example is when you resign during the holiday season. Think of the money you’ll loss. As it is, you’ll easily find a new job when you have one rather than being unemployed because there’ll be much questions thrown at you about your unemployment status. Another thing you should consider is unemployment benefits because if you deliberately quit your job, your eligibility for unemployment insurance might be at stake.

Job stability counts

You should also take into consideration your record of accomplishment. It is wise if you look at your personal marketability before you go ahead and quit your current job. Most employers look at job stability first on a resume because they believe that those jumping from one job to the other are hardly good candidates for consideration.

Power of negotiation

We have talked about financial risks and job stability counts; now let’s move on to power of negotiation, another important factor to consider before deciding on quitting your current job. Being employed is a benefit as far as salary negotiations is concerned. When you go out to meet new employers, they have it in mind that someone that is employed will hardly quit a well-paying job to take on a job that pay less. Unemployment makes you lose your stand in hourly negotiations.


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